Personal shopping service

Hi all
As of today we as a team at DropDayz have a new service for the lucky few.
Personal Shopping Service.

Personal Shopping Service is a service where you as a customer can buy ANY sneaker or item that you seek (even if we don’t have it in stock). This could be your Holy Grail.
We will be searching and using our network of contacts and sellers to find your item for the best price.

There are a few requirements that are come with this type of service:

  • Only New Items can be sought after (NOT USED)
  • There will be limited amount of items we can seek a month, when this treshold has been reached the service will be unavailable for that month
  • Personal Shopping Service will require 30% of the item’s value as a deposit upfront!
  • Cancelling your item after it has been confirmed will result in a penalty of the deposit.
  • Timewasters will be blacklisted for any of our next events/services.

Can be the name of the item or a link to a website
Please specifiy your desired size